Clean Architecture

There are a lot of examples to manage State in Flutter Development. Today, I am writing about an architecture that I try to follow in every development. Ok, Let’s dive into the topic.

There are a lot of examples that detect faces in an image or from a live feed. But very few are worth reading.

We can detect faces and landmarks using OpenCV, Dlib, Tensorflow Lite, ML Kit, and so on. Today we are going to learn about face detection and face landmarks using the JavaCV library (Java wrapper for OpenCV).

Why JavaCV? Why not OpenCV Java SDK?

JavaCV provides some OpenCV extension which we can’t have from OpenCV Java SDK.

So let’s get started.

At first, we need some dependencies to work with the JavaCV library.

Add this below code in…

Setting up Dlib in your Android Projects using Android Studio for Windows and Mac/Linux

Step by step guide to integrate Dlib in your Android Projects with OpenCV library.

Dlib is a general-purpose cross-platform software library written in the programming language C++. Its design is heavily influenced by ideas from a design by contract and component-based software engineering. Thus it is, first and foremost, a set of independent software components.

As Developer, we love to write less code, because we are lazy :). Retrofit 2.0 is a popular library. Many developers use it normally, I mean the traditional way — create an ApiService Interface, a model, and a callback using RxJava or Call<T> interface or any other way.

Today we are going to learn a new way to work with Retrofit Library. Let’s dive into it.

Our model class

data class User(
val id: Int,
val name: String,
val phone: String

This is the universal ApiService class. This class will be used to get a response from our server.

I started coding using Kotlin almost 2 years ago. It is a long journey and I love Kotlin. I almost forgot what it feels like to coding in Java.

We had written code using java and we solved many problems. But how Kotlin Extension makes our works even easier?

Let’s talk about how it makes my work easier. I have created a repository containing some extension that I used in my project. I will explain some of this.

What is Kotlin Extension?

In a class, you need some functions or some properties that this class doesn’t provide. So you can create your own methods…


There are a lot of libraries out there to pick images from the gallery and capture an image and then crop the image.

These functionalities serve by few libraries. But what is new in the ProPicker library? When I was working on this library I always ask myself this question. I am an Android Developer with over 4 years of experience, so I know what an Android Developer wants, what will make out work easy. Keep these thoughts on my mind I am developing this library.

This is just the beginning. …

Recently I have developed an E-Commerce app which is built on Magento 2. So I have to use Magento-2 Rest api and some widget to get some specific data.

So, I am going to write all about it.

All rest api link will be found here. Some will be missing. You have to make custom rest api or use third party library to get some specific data.

Today we are going to see how to use login and sign up api. I am writing this blog using some android code.

At first let’s see how to deal with login…

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